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With over 25 years’ experience QBS boasts of a ‘hands on approach’ in Compliance, Regtech & Client Advisory. A proven track record supporting successful Crypto Projects with Compliance Function, MLRO and Board Members.

Additionally, QBS boasts of a large network of both local and international professional contacts which enable us to deliver sustainable results efficiently and effectively.

We employ the brightest minds

We hire people who are very passionate about what they do.

We have years of experience

To be able to meet individual needs ensuring that you and your business get the best quality service you deserve.

We provide world a unique boutique service

Each solution is tailored individually to the client, their culture and needs.


Compliance Advisory Services

Corporations in every industry face a growing array of compliance obligations. In addition to anti-money laundering and anti-bribery/anti-corruption regulations, Regulators, namely GFSC, LSRA and the OFT conduct inspections to ensure their requirements are met.

Quorum has a dedicated team who can act as independent advisors, form part of the Compliance Panel or be appointed at Board level advising on regulatory matters. In addition, we offer both advisory and practical assistance in collaborating with the relevant Regulators’ on your behalf.

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Fintech Advisory

At Quorum we work with the top crypto lawyers in Gibraltar who are widely recognised internationally. Throughout the past couple of years, our experts have been working and helped successful locally based financial technology companies, as well as start-ups, including distributed ledger technology companies, digital payment solutions, healthcare projects, NFT and Web3 Projects and other.

Quorum has created an objective, arm’s length and bespoke compliance solution that is both tested and fit for purpose.Quorum further supplements its offering through the provision of services for compliance, MLRO and Director roles.

All our experts have a forward-looking approach that they use to help businesses reach their fund raising goals.

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Function Outsourcing

Outsourcing your compliance function allows Small to Medium sized Corporations to fulfil their compliance obligations. Whether to simply support your compliance function or assist you in managing your compliance functions, QBS can provide several alternatives to outsourcing your compliance needs.

By acting in the capacity of an independent advisor and offering a flat fee rate for its service, QBS is able to save you from expenses associated with human resources and benefits while effectively managing your cash flows. Regardless of the size, nature, and scope of your firm’s operations, QBS has a turnkey compliance solution for every regulatory obligation.

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Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Enhanced Due Diligence means an advanced KYC due diligence process that provides further risk investigation. EDD is designed to handle high-risk customers and large transactions.

High-risk customers and suspicious transactions pose a greater risk to the financial sector, and standard CDD procedures might not detect them.

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Independent Compliance
Reviews as per
POCA requirements

Section 26 (1A) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2015 (POCA), states that a Relevant Financial Business (“RFB”) is required to undertake an independent audit function for the purposes of testing the policies, controls and procedures of the RFB.

Additionally, these requirements have been implemented and are further explained in the various guidance notes as circulated by the various authorities such as Gibraltar Financial Services Commission’s (GFSC), Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) and Office of Fair Trading (OFT) which firms must comply with as well as have such reports completed annually by the MRLO.

Our experts have experience in conducting ICR’s over the various Regulatory fields from Company Managers to Law Firms to Estate Agents. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Structuring advice &
Company Formations

Setting up a company in Gibraltar is a compelling proposition as the jurisdiction offers a full range of solutions from a fully-compliant, business-friendly environment with tangible and useful advantages from the structuring, taxation and licensing perspectives.

We work with a selection of the leading service providers and are able to assist in the formation of companies across a broad range of industries for both local and international clients.

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Business Licence Applications

Most businesses in Gibraltar require a licence(s) to be able to undertake various activities. Therefore, prior to entering any form of registration or negotiations, it is of vital importance to identify the types of licences required for your specific business, as this may determine the registration procedure as well as the policies that have to be followed.

Should you require any further information / assistance regarding the types of licences required for a business, please do not hesitate to contact us, alternatively you can find such requirements.

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Commissioner For Oaths

At QBS we also offer Commissioner of Oaths services at reasonable prices.

Please get in contact with us so we can discuss your requirements.

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Industry Experts

We take care of your administrative hassle so you can focus on your business! As true industry ‘veterans’, QBS has an unmatched amount of knowledge, experience and commitment to bring to the table.


Global Network

Over the years we have managed to build an extensive international network within the industry.


Personal Attention

Building on personal relationships in an ever growing digital world has become the challenge of today’s society.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke professional services tailored to your needs.


Save time and hassle

Is keeping your company compliant with all licensing requirements absorbing to much of your time?

We take care of all your administrative requirements so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

Clients say

Don’t just take our word for it

The firm has contracted the services of Keith Louis Chichon, founder of Quorum Business Solutions on a number of occasions.

The partners have always found Mr. Chichon very approachable and his advice and expertise insightful, valuable and fruitful.

Having benefited from Mr. Chichon's review of documentation and his invaluable advice on matter pertinent to the frim in relation to Compliance, Customer Due Diligence, Risk Assessment, Source of Funds, PEPs, Sanctions and an ever-growing list ofstatutory requirements,
we do not hesitate in recommending Quorum Business Solutions

Levi J Attias

Attias & Levy

Quorum is vested in our success and we value their professionalism and reliability when dealing with our investors and partners. As an example their hard work made it possible to get our VASP license within weeks.

Morten Juul

CEO of GMGM Limited

Quorum have excelled in providing their professional compliance services to our project. Not only did they deliver as promised, but the user experience regarding their efficiency and effectiveness provided via their sole proprietary compliance onboarding platform has been exceptional.




Founding Members

Keith L. Chichon BA (hons) TEP

Founder & CEO

Christian P. Chichon FCA


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